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HECM Senior Home Financing


HECM Senior Home Financing is selling their former namesake and domain. “I was very lucky when I obtained the vanity phone number and domain in 2004,” said Tim Linger, broker and owner of HECM Senior Home Financing in Orlando, FL. Linger used 1-866-REVERSE Mortgage as the name and primary phone number for his reverse mortgage business, and it served him extremely well.


Since 2010, Linger has gradually changed his business model and now, focuses on the purchase side of the HECM industry. “I see a lot of value for the 1-866-REVERSE number especially for large or nationwide lenders –and especially for the proprietary product lenders,” Linger said. Going on to say that he feels that the phone number is currently under-utilized and thus, not getting used to its fullest potential.


According to, 90% of Americans have used toll-free numbers to contact a company after watching an advertisement. Of these 90%, a productive ad using a vanity phone number generated a response rate of 30% or more. Furthermore, as much as 84% of these prospects were able to recall the phone number because of visual aids and the use of letters, rather than numbers.


What is the 1-866-REVERSE phone number and the domain to match worth to a large reverse mortgage company? Back in July of 2013, the domain name sold for a hefty $600k.

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